Obama personally warned Zuckerberg over fake news on Facebook ‘seriously’: report

Previous US President Barack Obama actually asked Facebook author Mark Zuckerberg to counter the ascent of fake news on the social network amid a meeting held not long after a year ago’s election, the Washington Post detailed Sunday.

The experience apparently occurred on the sidelines of a meeting of worldwide pioneers in Lima, Peru on November 19, two months previously Trump’s initiation and days after Zuckerberg had rejected as “insane” the possibility that deceptive stories driven by Russian agents had a noteworthy effect on the result of the vote.

“Zuckerberg recognized the issue postured by fake news. Be that as it may, he revealed to Obama that those messages weren’t across the board on Facebook and that there was no simple cure,” the newspaper stated, citing individuals it said knew about the trade.

The report comes days after Facebook declared it would hand over to Congress promotions it found were purchased by Russia-connected fake records, went for aggravating political pressures in front of and following the decision.