Pakistan aims to sell national airline before election

**ADVANCE FOR SUNDAY, JAN. 25** A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) aircraft between Karachi and Bombay flies over slums as it prepares to land at the Chatrapati Shivaji International airport in Bombay, India, in this Jan. 2, 2004 file photo. Separated by modern politics and ancient religions, India and Pakistan share a region, a handful of languages and a people whose allegiances to one side or the other sometimes has as much to do with happenstance as it does with history. (AP Photo/Rajesh Nirgude, File)

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan will try to privatize its national airline before general elections due this year, privatization serve Daniyal Aziz stated, as the decision party tries to restart offers of state-run organizations, detailed Reuters.

Pakistan International Airlines, discharging cash and losing market shares to Gulf-based adversaries, for example, Etihad and Emirates, has been hit by administration turmoil as of late and a 2016 plane crash that prompted 47 deaths. The privatization of misfortune making substances that were depleting the exchequer was a key need for the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) party when it cleared to influence in 2013.

PIA was among 68 state-claimed organizations earmaked for privatization as an end-result of a $6.7 billion International Monetary Fund bundle that helped Pakistan to fight off a default in 2013.