Pakistan blocked more than 200 URLs in 3 years, report reveals

As indicated by an exploration examination directed by Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI) and Bytes for All Pakistan, it has been uncovered that more than 200 URLs have been blocked in Pakistan in most recent 3 years. 22 web access suppliers (ISPs) were included to block these URLs.

As indicated by the exploration report released on Wednesday, information from 2014 to 2017 was watched. This information demonstrates that ISPs have blocked 210 URLs in most recent 3 years.

The motivation behind this examination is to watch endeavors of web control in Pakistan and 200 different countries everywhere throughout the world. The OONI and Bytes for All Pakistan have commonly organized on the venture to look at web control in the country through investigation and system estimations.

The report uncovering extreme instances of blasphemous substance states,

“A significant number of the blocked URLs were viewed blasphemous under the Pakistan Penal Code for facilitating content identified with the disputable ‘Draw [Prophet] Muhammad Day’ crusade. Geopolitical power progression give off an impression of being fortified through the hindering of destinations keep running by ethnic minority groups.”

Pakistani digital authorities trust that filtration of faulty substance is there for a long time and there are a few different many URLs that have been blocked by PTA however are not in the report’s perceptions.