Pakistan ruling party drops plans for ex-PM’s brother to replace him – sources

The brother of disqualified Pakistani leader Nawaz Sharif won’t challenge a parliamentary by-election for the empty seat, party sources said today, adequately leaving past plans for him to assume control as PM in September.

Sharif, 68, was precluded by the Supreme Court a month ago however kept his grasp on the decision Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) party and sketched out plans for Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to go about as break PM until his brother, Shahbaz, ends up noticeably qualified to assume control by winning the by elction.

Yet, Sharif and PML-N authority have chosen that Shahbaz should proceed in his part as CM of the politically indispensable Punjab region that records for the greater part of Pakistan’s 190 million people.

“Shahbaz will not challenge for NA 120,” said one of Shahbaz’s helpers in Lahore, alluding to the National Assembly situate left empty by Nawaz.

A senior PML-N figure in Lahore affirmed that the chief minister would not be challenging the seat, a move prone to leave Abbasi in control until the following general elections, likely in mid-2018.