Pakistan will never become a US proxy, will protects its own interestes: Foreign Minister Asif

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif said on Friday that the United States needs to influence Pakistan its proxy state, including that Pakistan will never turn into a proxy of the US. He made the comments while tending to the National Assembly.

“The foe has crossed the sea and is instigating strife in Syria, Afghanistan and different states while pioneers of the Muslim World encourage the adversary,” said Asif, in a clear reference to the US.

“Pakistan is being focused on particularly since it appreciates an authority status in the Muslim World,” he clarified further.

Discussing the nearness of Daesh in Afghanistan, Asif said the terrorist outfit has not been wiped out but rather has just changed its address.

The minster said Pakistan did not participate in the Yemen war, including that it needs Iran and Saudi Arabia to end their disparities.