Only Pakistanis paid heavy price in war on terror, says President

President Mamnoon Hussain said no country on the planet as the general population of Pakistan had paid an overwhelming cost as far as life and property in battle against terrorism. In his message to the country on Defense Day, he saluted the legends who rendered penances to ensure the country and the military for making the nation’s guard secure.

The president said September 6, was a memorable day in national date-book when the general population of Pakistan showed uncommon national solidarity and remained by the valiant military to obstruct a genuine animosity by the enemy. He said the celebration of this memorable day resuscitated spirits and fortified the take steps to shield the nation against a wide range of dangers.

“We pay reverence to each one of those sons and daughters of the dirt who set out their lives and persevered through the ideas of war in protecting the country,” he said. It was a result of their preeminent penances and steady assurance that we lived in security and nobility, he included.

The president said the need to guzzle the soul of September 6, was considerably more prominent as the nation was stood up to with the difficulties of radicalism and fear mongering. He said the aggressors and radicals through their subversive exercises had tested the state in an offer to force their obscurantist motivation on the general population of Pakistan.

He said the government of Pakistan in unanimity with every one of the partners and with finish backing from the whole political range and the general population had propelled National Action Plan under which the military, work force of police and law enforcement agencies were effectively finding the threat of psychological oppression and radicalism from the nation.

He said Operation Raddul Fasaad, an augmentation of operation Zarb-e-Azb, was advancing effectively in various parts of the country and would proceed till the last terrorist was wiped out.

“Give us a chance to resuscitate the soul of solidarity of September 6, in addressing the new difficulties. Give us a chance to promise, as per the vision of our darling Quaid-e-Azam, that we will make Pakistan one of the best countries of the world,” he said.

Then, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has said the present Pakistan, by the beauty of Allah Almighty, is significantly more grounded and its resistance is invulnerable.

He said the Defence Day helped them to remember those noteworthy minutes when the enemy attacked the country in the obscurity of the night to catch Lahore. The entire world saw that the valiant officers of Pakistan’s military repelled the enemy with top notch valour.