Pakistan’s largest Local Airlines Shaheen Airlines has added another Airbus A319

Shaheen Air, one of Pakistan’s biggest nearby aircrafts has recently added yet another Airbus A319 to its fleet, which is a similar model they purchased a month ago.

This was reported by the carrier through a Facebook post. The post peruses, “Shaheen Air International is glad to declare another expansion to their armada with another winged animal A319 arriving today in the main residence, Pakistan.” Further, there is once in a while any distinction in details. The art will have a space of seating 150 travelers notwithstanding a thin, direct and agreeable seat manufacture. Though, Airbus A319 will just serve economy class travelers.

The specialty Airbus A319 highlights encompassing lighting. The lighting changes as indicated by the different periods of flight, which is very like Boeing 737-800 New Generation flying machine that is claimed by Serene Air.