Police to fire tear gas at anti-Trump protesters after rally turns violent

Thousands protesters in Phoenix to denounce president who held first occasion since racial oppressor viciousness in Charlottesville.

Police have fired tear gas and stun grenades at hordes of protesters in Arizona as they showed against US President Donald Trump, who held a crusade style rally for supporters.

A shady fog concealed the night sky on Tuesday outside the downtown Phoenix Convention Center where Trump had recently wrapped up his speech.

Police claimed protesters threw rocks and bottles at protected officers, who were armed with stick.

“People in the group have started throwing rocks and bottles at police. They also scattered a few gas in the area,” said Jonathan Howard, Phoenix police representative.

The officers reacted with pepper splash to “scatter the group and stop the attacks,” he said.

Nearby TV channel 3TV indicated film of police shooting an object at a dissident who had kicked back a tear gas canister. He tumbled to the ground in the wake of being hit.