Protests held at Chaman borders against Trump’s anti-Pakistan statement

Tribesmen, political workers and individuals from the common society held a dissent rally at the Pak-Afghan border crossings at Chaman and Torkham on Monday to denounce the US’ new strategy for the district.

US President Donald Trump had a week ago demanded that Pakistan “stop offering safe haven to agents of chaos “, while welcoming India to give more financial help and improvement to Afghanistan. The US president’s announcement caused a mayhem crosswise over Pakistan and indicated at a decay in Islamabad’s relations with Washington.

Responding to Trump’s announcement, a substantial number of individuals from various parts of Khyber Agency accumulated at Hamza Baba ground in Landi Kotal before heading towards Torkham border, where they arranged a protest. An expansive number of Pakistani Sikhs additionally took an interest in the rally. The choice to hold the rally was taken in a jirga of tribal older held on Sunday.

A comparable dissent was additionally held in Chaman, Balochistan, where different political parties, tribesmen and individuals from the common society accumulated close to the Pak-Afghan fringe to voice their displeasure regarding the US president’s discourse.

Waving national banners, the dissidents strolled through different parts of the city while slanting slogans against Trump.