Proud to be part of World XI tour, says Collingwood

A member from the World XI side Paul Collingwood on Tuesday said he’s pleased to be a part of this series. Toward the finish of the first match between his team and Pakistan, he shared his past encounters of playing against Pakistan.

“I am as of now glad to be a part of this tour,” he said.

“When I heard that three T20s will be held here and I was probably going to be a part of it. It was a truly simple choice to made,” he included. He also lauded the Lahore’s team, who, as per the previous England commander, kept the force of rivalry high till the end.

“The power was there, and in spite of the fact that the team wasn’t at hundred for each penny of the limit the commotion they made demonstrated how they delighted in observing Pakistan playing at home after quite a while,” he said.

“Last time I came to Pakistan I comprehended that cricket in Pakistan resembles a religion and the enthusiasm and air at cricket ground here is truly unique, and today around evening time was an incredible begin as well,” he said.

Collingwood trusted that the World XI team will comeback in the second match against Pakistan to level the series.

“It is difficult for a World XI team to gel so rapidly, yet we have learnt a ton from the present amusement; ideally, we’ll be back in the diversion tomorrow night,” he said.