Qatar Airways cancels flights to northern Iraq

DOHA: Qatar Airways is wiping out flights to Kurdish northern Iraq from Sept 29 to Oct 1 at the demand of Iraq’s Civil Aviation Authority, the transporter said on its site on Thursday.

The flights to and from Erbil and Sulaymaniyah have been crossed out after Iraqi experts said all worldwide air activity would be suspended from Friday to those air terminals, the announcement said. Lebanon’s and Egypt’s national bearers also said before they will stop flights to the Iraqi Kurdish area capital Arbil this week at the demand of the Baghdad specialists. Their choice comes after Iraq’s administration undermined to restrict universal flights to and from Iraqi Kurdistan after the area held a freedom choice on Monday.

Lebanon’s Middle East Airlines and EgyptAir both said their flights to and from Arbil would be influenced.

In an announcement, EgyptAir additionally said its flights would stop from Friday “until the point when additionally take note.”

Baghdad has responded with outrage to Monday’s Kurdish freedom vote, saying there would be no negotiation on more extensive self-rule for the Kurds afterward.