Rainwater floods Benazir Bhutto International Airport due to heavy rains

The last evening people were met with substantial rains in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The rain downpours figured out how to chill off the temperature in the twin cities, however it additionally caused some problems for the people too.

Low lying regions were not by any means the only ones to get affected as reports say that the flood water has also entered Benazir Bhutto International Airport where travelers are confronting massive troubles. Authorities have so far neglected to accelerate the way toward emptying water out of inside the airport. Allegedly, the luggage of travelers at the airport has additionally gotten wet as there were no appropriate arrangements of action for such a circumstance.

People are advised to check their routes for any unusual traffic jams previously taking off to work or some other place with a specific end goal to abstain from getting to be noticeably stuck. Police superintendents say that exclusive once the flood water is either depleted or dried out, will the movement begin moving again at an ordinary pace.