Rajput group threatens to burn cinemas if Padmavati released without their consent

Jai Rajputana Sangh, a periphery Rajput group has undermined that on the off chance that they are not demonstrated Padmavati movie before its release, they will copy the silver screens that screen the flick in view of a genuine story of a Rajput ruler and a Muslim lord.

Founder of Jai Rajputana Sangh, Bhanwar Singh Reta cautioned that they would not endure any ‘contortion of history’ and if any sentiment is appeared between ruler Padmavati and Alauddin Khilji, they would burn cinema halls screening the film.

“Our individuals are prepared in taking care of a vast array of weapons running from swords to AK 47 guns. We won’t let anybody shame Padmavati and affront the general population of Rajasthan,” said originator of the gathering comprising of 2.65 lakh individuals.