Reham Khan says will return to Pakistan once book is published

Reham Khan, the previous spouse of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) boss Imran Khan, has illuminated that she is remaining in the UK incidentally and will come back to Pakistan after a book she has been dealing with is distributed.

Conversing with a main English daily, Reham said that she cleared out Pakistan ‘briefly’ for different reasons, one of which is the security of her children, adding that she needs to settle her kids there and distribute her book.

She illuminated that she didn’t leave the country and will be back when her book, altering and composing of which is finished, gets distributed.

Discussing the book, the previous TV moderator said that it is essentially in regards to her life as a columnist and a mother, yet specified that the PTI chairman highlights in it since he was before a piece of her life, but an upsetting one.

The news of her flight came in the wake of a current meeting she provided for an outside news direct in which she remarked on her previous spouse’s asserted third marriage. “There is no particular risk,” Reham illuminated on Tuesday.