Russia conducts ballistic missile tests

MOSCOW: Russia conducted a few ballistic missiles tests on Thursday from “land, air, and ocean” as a major aspect of its vital atomic program, the Defense Ministry declared.

A “Topol” intercontinental ballistic missile was fired from the Plesetsk proving ground in the northwest of the country and three ballistic missiles were propelled by two atomic rocket submarines (SSBNs), two from the Okhotsk Sea, north of Japan, and one from the Barents Sea in the Arctic Ocean. Russian military powers “have completed an activity to deal with its key atomic powers”, the service said in an announcement.

Key aircraft Tu-160, Tu-95MC, and Tu-22M3 also took off from a few Russian air bases and propelled voyage rockets at “ground-based” focuses in Kamchatka, eastern Russia, in the Komi Republic in the north, and on Russian military landscape in Kazakhstan.

“All destinations of the preparation have been effectively finished,” the announcement said.

Toward the beginning of September, Russia completed joint military activities with Belarus on NATO’s eastern flank, causing worry in Poland and the Baltic states because of the extent of the drills and questions over Moscow’s aims.