‘Saaf Pani Programme’ will help people to control water borne diseases

LAHORE: Saaf Pani Program is among the historic point activities of the Punjab government which will enable control to water borne diseases and different sicknesses.

Punjab Minister for Local Government and Rural Development Manshaullah Butt said this while conversing with delegation of presented local bodies on Thursday. He said the government was burning through billions of rupees on the project which was a case of straightforwardness, standard and speed like different projects of the Punjab government.

He said the Punjab government had built up a self-sufficient and completely financed organization to enhance safe drinking water supply according to the World Health Organization’s Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality in rural area of Punjab. He said the program was being executed in an expert way and administrations of specialists were also being used in such manner.

The point of interest program will give safe drinking water to each family inside 0.5 kilometers span in a comprehensive, coordinated and feasible way, he included.