Saudi Arabia fights extremism with ‘5-star’ rehab center

With its indoor swimming pool, sun-sprinkled yards and liveried staff, the Saudi complex has the trappings of a five-star resort, yet it is really a rehab center for savage activists.

Riyadh’s Mohammed container Nayef Counseling and Care Center, a cushy asylum amongst jail and flexibility, spotlights a disputable Saudi system for handling homegrown fanatics. While the worldwide battle against terrorism is frequently connected with ramble strikes and torment, the logic that supports the middle’s approach is that fanaticism requires not intimidation but rather an ideological cure.

Managed by priests and therapists, it attempts to forestall convicts who have served their sentences from coming back to militancy, through what it calls religious directing and ideological detoxification.

“Our emphasis is on remedying their thoughts, their misguided judgments, their deviation from Islam,” Yahya Abu Maghayed, an executive at the inside, said while giving AFP a golf truck voyage through the sprawling, palm tree-lined complex.