Saudi women will also be allowed to drive motorcycles

Saudi Arabian ladies will have the capacity to drive trucks and motorcycles, authorities have said three months after the kingdom reported a notable choice to end a prohibition on ladies driving.

In September, King Salman issued a pronouncement saying ladies will have the power to drive from next June as a feature of a goal-oriented change push in the traditionalist kingdom. The Saudi General Directorate of Traffic gave all details of interest of the new controls that will take after the lifting of the restriction on the official Saudi Press Agency late on Friday.

“Truly, we will approve ladies to drive motorcycles” and additionally trucks, it stated, including that the imperial announcement stipulates that the law on driving will be “equivalent” for the two men and ladies.

There will be no extraordinary license plate numbers for female-driven cars, it said. However, ladies associated with street mischances or who confer criminal traffic offenses will be managed at uncommon focuses that will be set up and keep running by ladies.