Snapchat is completely redesigning so dramatically different

When I began utilizing Snapchat, my first concern was its interface. It was difficult to comprehend and I really quit utilizing it because of its awful ease of use. Some different companions of mine had a similar worry that it is exceptionally hard to utilize and it really requires some investment to get used to its interface. All things considered, it seems like Snapchat has finally realized and the CEO of Snapchat reported that they are going to totally redesign the application and the new plan will be simpler to utilize.

The CEO conceded that they’ve been hearing throughout the years that Snapchat is hard to use and they are going to at last update its new design. “One thing that we have heard throughout the years is that Snapchat is hard to comprehend or difficult to utilize, and our group has been chipping away at reacting to this feedback. Accordingly, we are as of now upgrading our application to make it simpler to utilize,” Evan Spiegel said.

“There is a solid probability that the overhaul of our application will be problematic to our business for the time being, and we don’t yet know how the conduct of our community of people will change when they start to utilize our latest application. We’re willing to go out on a limb for what we accept are generous long term advantages to our business.”

As we disclosed to you before that Snapchat has quit developing and one of the reason could be the terrible layout of the application. Another layout is doubtlessly a hazard yet it may enable Snapchat to add more users to its user base and develop at a quick pace. As of late, Snapchat has lost $40 million since they couldn’t offer the Spectacles, their recently made glasses with an implicit camera. The organization was hoping to offer a huge number of Spectacles however it just figured out how to offer around 150,000 units which caused this misfortune.