Snowfall comes too early in Chitral this year

CHITRAL: Mountains in upper Chitral and the encompassing regions got the first snowfall of the season on Thursday. The district of Chitral is among the uncommon ranges of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) that have not seen a solitary spell of rain amid storm months in the current year.

“The principal snowfall was recorded in the Bonney range of upper Chitral while overwhelming downpours were also announced from the dry spell hit zones of lower Chitral,” Regional Director Mushtaq Shah said.

“As per ordinary climate designs, regions of K-P and Punjab get the main snowfall of winter toward the beginning of November every year. Be that as it may, this year, we are seeing inconsistencies in the climate as far as hailstorms and unexpected arrival of the winter season. We expect that the winter may draw out its quality in the bumpy regions of K-P and Punjab,” Shah included.

Local people additionally expect that because of the unforgiving climate in the mid year and the quick pace of liquefying snow, the odds of flooding in the lower areas of K-P and Chitral have expanded.

In the mean time, substantial rain was additionally recorded in Malakand, Swabi and scattered regions of the regions of Mardan and Peshawar.