You could soon be able to watch YouTube videos within WhatsApp

Facebook continues expediting new features the greater part of its stages including Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and Facebook itself. Presently, the organization is outfitting to convey another component to the world’s most well known messenger, WhatsApp.

As per another indication inside the forthcoming form of WhatsApp, it will enable you to watch YouTube videos inside WhatsApp. As of recently, when somebody sends you a YouTube video, it shows up as a connection with a little see and a picture. When you tap on that connection, it takes you to the YouTube application and you can keep viewing the video there. Be that as it may, that will change with the new update.

WhatsApp upcoming update will give you a chance to watch YouTube videos inside the application. Which implies that you will never again need to leave the application, it will make the thumbnail of the connection rather and you’ll have the capacity to play the video from that thumbnail, inside the talk. This component will enable you to keep talking with your friends and family while your video is being played. We can’t state if the videos will continue playing notwithstanding when you scroll it up. All things considered, in the event that it will keep on playing, at that point it is a serious element and I’m anticipating it.