Supreme Court gives decision in favour of the provincial government to OLMT in Lahore

LAHORE: The Supreme Court of Pakistan has decided for the provisional government and has given restrictive permission to Punjab government to bear on the development work of Orange Line Metro Train (OLMT) venture through the 11 verifiable locales of the city.

The court acknowledged the interest of the Punjab government and others against the LHC choice with conditions and controlled by a 4-1 judgment that it watched no illegalities in the multi-billion rupee project. Equity Ahsan read out the decision though Justice Baqar composed a contradicting note.

As per the points of interest of the decision, the court has ordered the arrangement of a five-part specialized board of trustees, with all-encompassing expert, inside 30 days to manage the specialized parts of the venture.

The board of trustees will incorporate specialists from the archaic exploration division and in addition a previous Supreme Court justice. The advisory committee will manage the development work through the recorded locales and ensure no damage comes to them amid the procedure. It will show its suggestions to the central pastor.