Turkey wants stronger Pakistan, says Erdogan

Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif approached Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Istanbul, as per an official present issued after the meeting.

Upon entry, Chief Minister Shehbaz was given warm welcome at the Ataturk Airport where Turk authorities, and in addition Pakistan’s diplomat to Turkey, got him. Conversing with Shehbaz Sharif, President Erdogan said that his visit involved pleasure and respect for him.

“I am truly cheerful to meet with my brother once again. We need to see Pakistan politically, monetarily and in addition security-wise completely strengthened,” he stated, including that Turkey would proceed with its genuine collaboration with Pakistan. “Regardless of whether it’s a troublesome time or the snapshot of straightforwardness, we are remaining with Pakistan,” he said.

He said that the different projects started in a joint effort with Turkey in Punjab were vivacious images of Pak-Turk companionship. “Under your leadership, the voyage of advancement and success is excellent and development of Pakistan government for the arrangement of vitality and also the destruction of terrorism are advantageous,” he said.

The Turk president also enquired about the health of Begum Kalsoom Nawaz and supplicated that may Almighty Allah recover her soon. Talking on the event, Shehbaz said that he was grateful to the Turkish government and also President Erdogan for his warm welcome. “Pakistanis are pleased with their companionship with Turkey,” he included.

Lately, the strong collaboration between the two nations in various parts has given new measurements to this fellowship; while the future will additionally support Pak-Turk kinship. “Pakistan and Turkey have dependably agreed with each-other and they will also be standing next to each other in each circumstance in future, also,” he said.

The Turkish minister guaranteed full collaboration in the health sector. The chief minister said that the collaboration given by Turkey for enhancing the social insurance framework was praiseworthy. He said that the Punjab government was formulating a powerful social insurance framework which will give incite alleviation to the patients.

Talking at the Lahore Airport, Chief Minister Shehbaz said that the reciprocal relations amongst Pakistan and Turkey have entered the new period of participation and both the nations have an accord on various territorial and worldwide issues. He said that this visit would additionally reinforce common relations between the two countries.