TV Anchor Amir Liaquat Gets Deported Back to Pakistan After Myanmar Adventure

The eminent Pakistani anchorperson raged into the headlines once more when he was confined at Yangon airplane terminal on Saturday after he had arrived in Myanmar (Burma) to help the mistreated Rohingya Muslims. The stay individual had loaded up the Yangon-bound flight from Bangkok, Thailand to cover the oppression confronted by the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

Amir Liaquat’s official twitter handle posted the video he and Waqar Zaka talked about their voyage. They were prepared to get onto their flight to Myanmar where they needed to figure out how to achieve the emergency hit territories.

However, it didn’t end well for the eminent host as he was kept by the specialists at Yangon airplane terminal for obscure reasons. Reports said that he may be expelled back to Bangkok.

Recently, Amir Liaquat tweeted that he was kept for over 6 hours by the movement specialists at the Yangon airplane terminal. Nonetheless, he was extradited back alongside Waqar Zaka. The previous evening, Bol News detailed that Amir Liaquat has returned back to Pakistan securely.