Twitter celebrates #Hashtag birthday and it is now 10 years old

The #Hashtag marvels which began in 2007 is currently 10 years of age. Truly, people, I am discussing “#” Hashtag. It is an image which is appended to Keywords to label online topics. It was first begun from Twitter and after that spread to other social stages, for example, Facebook. The man who squeezed the idea to utilize hashtag was Chris Messina-an American social media expert and now head of group and development at art trading website.

He tweeted on 23 August 2007: how would you feel about using # (pound) for roups. As in #barcamp [msg]? His little hack has turned out to be so much mainstream that the # image is being utilized 125 million times on Twitter alone every day.

While conversing with The Guardian Chris stated,

“It’s exciting to perceive how this little thought left a particular minute in the advancement of the Internet took off and has developed into something far greater than me, greater than Twitter or Instagram, and that will ideally keep up its significance for quite a while to come,”