US congratulated and welcome Imran Khan as a newly elected prime minister of Pakistan

WASHINGTON: PTI chairman Imran Khan got salutary messages all around the world as he presently holds the title of being the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan.

With the overflowed well-wishes from not just sportsmen, famous people or politicians, Khan earned commendatory remarks from everywhere throughout the world.

Also, Heather Nauert, representative of US Department of State, anticipates keep up peace and harmony on worldwide level as Khan steps in and assumes responsibility as the recently chose Prime Minister of Pakistan on Saturday.

“We perceive and welcome the recently chose Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on taking the oath of office. For more than 70 years, the connection between the United States and Pakistan has been an imperative one. The United States anticipates working with Pakistan’s new regular citizen government to advance peace and flourishing in Pakistan and the locale”, says Heather Nauert, representative of US Department of State while she sends her well-wishes for Khan like numerous other.