US should negotiate with Taliban, says Imran Khan

Dismissing the charges of United States that Pakistan harbors activists, Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Monday said that the US should to negotiate with the Taliban as opposed to meaning to decimate it.

“Additional battling and slaughter is not the appropriate response. I said it 17 years before and I am as yet saying this now,” he said in a meeting with an outside news benefit. Imran said that US President Donald Trump’s system for the area, which he revealed a month ago, outraged Pakistanis who had made many sacrifices against terrorism. He noticed that the Taliban have places of refuge in Afghanistan and that Pakistan is being subjected the group’s assaults propelled from Afghan soil. “I think Donald Trump’s strategy is profoundly defective,” he stated, dismissing the US’s request that Pakistan accomplish more to battle the fanatics.

“I think Pakistan has done what’s needed. I think now the others players included need to accomplish more,” he said and voiced his resistance to the US’s automaton strikes on Pakistan, which he said were done with the complicity of the government of Pakistan. “Drone attacks lead to collateral damage. In the event if they were such a fruitful technique, they would win the war,” he said.

Examining the country’s present atmosphere, the PTI chairman said that he trusted previous Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had no future in the country’s governmental issues. He said that he would not exonerate any degenerate assumes if his comrades voted him to control in the general elections, liable to be held in 2018, according to the calendar.