US President Trump eyes on Afghanistan’s mineral wealth

KABUL: US President Donald Trump is looking at Afghanistan’s mineral wealth to help pay for a 16-year to war and remaking endeavors that have just cost $117 billion. Speculators who have examined the country, one of the world’s most dangerous, say that is a pipe dream.

As far back as a United States Geological Survey ponder 10 years prior distinguished stores later assessed to have a potential estimation of as much as $1 trillion, both Afghan and outside authorities have trumpeted the stores as a presumable key to monetary freedom for Afghanistan.

And stores of gold, silver and platinum, Afghanistan has significant amounts of iron mineral, uranium, zinc, tantalum, bauxite, coal, flammable gas and critical copper – a specific draw given the lack of rich new copper mines globally.

Afghanistan, a few reports say, even can possibly turn into “the Saudi Arabia of lithium”, because of stores of the crude material utilized as a part of telephone and electric auto batteries.