WHO and NHS to survey disabled persons after Ramazan: Sources

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry for National Health Services (NHS) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have chosen to overview incapacitated people to set up a survey relating to the requirement for assistive innovation in Pakistan, detailed a neighborhood media outlet.

The point of the review is to discover what number of individuals in the country require assistive gadgets. Moreover, the survey is booked to begin after Ramazan and finish up inside two months.

There are no less than 30 million disable individuals in Pakistan, as indicated by WHO.

NHS Director General (DG) Dr Asad Hafeez stated, “It has been chosen that a national review will be held in which there will be a point by point poll to evaluate what number of individuals with inabilities are in the country and what sort of gadgets do they require.”

Hafeez trusted that the World Health Assembly (WHA) would pass a determination that all crippled individuals gain admittance to assistive innovation.