Woman dead and three injured after roof collapse

LAHORE: A lady is dead when top of a two-story building crumbled here in the small hours of Wednesday.

Sources said that the top of a two-story incapacitated building situated in Sandha range of the commonplace capital Lahore all of a sudden fallen. A lady distinguished as Rubina was covered under the rubble and discovered dead. The body was hauled out from the garbage and moved to Mayo Hospital.

In the interim, an 18-month-old Fiza was playing in the road close to her home in Begum Kot range of Lahore when she fell in an open manhole. Relatives with the assistance of neighbors recovered the body from the manhole.

Punjab chief minister has taken notice to the occurrence and looked for a report from representative chief inside 48 hours. Then again, WASA MD has additionally suspended three officers after the media scope of the incident.