YouTube unveils news Logo, some features and Layout

While YouTube is in the midst of something of a war of words with the music business, the Internet’s most prominent video facilitating website—last detailed at 1.5 billion month to month clients—is launching various updates that will bring “another level of usefulness and a more predictable look” to the two its desktop and portable stages.

As indicated by a post today on the organization’s blog, YouTube has just started the updates including another outline for desktop just discharged and other new elements which will be taken off all through whatever is left of the year.

For mobile, YouTube will see a “cleaner” plan with a white header (to “let content lead the pack”) and moved the navigation tabs to the base of the application (to be “nearer to your thumbs”). The video platform also included new library and record tabs. Prior in the year, YouTube included an element that enables clients to double tap on the left or right half of a video to quick forward or rewind 10 seconds.