Zainab rape case being turned into telefilm and her father to sue TV channel

KASUR: The rape and murder instance of six-year-old Zainab caused a shock the country over in January this year. Following the incident, a local TV station reported that a telefilm is in making on a similar occurrence. Amin Ansari, the father of the perished has report a case against the TV channel, a media house revealed.

The plan to sensationalize an issue, for example, kid manhandle, while concentrating on one issue has shocked the whole country. Additionally, this has collected feedback from her family as well as the nearby public and social media too.

As indicated by a media outlet, Zainab’s dad expressed that the TV station did not look for their authorization before declaring the making of the telefilm.

Additionally, it has been accounted for that the father will sue a UK-based Non-Government Organization (NGO) for ‘misusing’ the name of his daugther for its personal stake.

The father expresses that the Zainab case has nothing to do with this NGO that is set after profiting in her name. He expressed that like the TV channel, the NGO did not look for assent from the family.