Zardari calls for immediate arrest of Sharif’s family

LAHORE – Pakistan People Party (PPP) co-executive Asif Ali Zardari has requested the quick capture of the family of previous disqualified leader Nawaz Sharif saying there were some serious corruption evidence against them.

In an announcement on Friday, the previous president said the accountably procedures against the Sharif family are uncalled for as they should to be enslaved to an indistinguishable system from the PPP whose individuals were first captured, detained and after that procedures were started against them.

“Nawaz Sharif and his family are having VIP accountability. They should to experience a similar procedure through which we experienced,” he said. “They have genuine arguments against them. They should to be promptly captured.”

While alluding to the case of previous PM Nawaz Sharif’s child in-law Captain (retd) Safdar, who was liberated following a day of being captured. Zardari said in the event that one is an individual from the Sharif family they can get bailed out in a day. “In any case, our people get bail following eighteen months – what kind of accountability is this?”